Aerial Photography Uses
Real Estate
Appraisal companys
Golf Courses
Landscaping Companys
Citys and Townships
Home Owners
Mortage Companys
Land Management
Construction Companys
Business Owners
Wedding Photographers
Aerial Photos of a home will display the landscaping and grounds much better than traditional photography, increasing exposure, and in turn increase sales!
Aerial Photographs or video can give insurance representatives a better view of property or buildings. This can be useful for documentation, so in case of a disaster, an orginal photograph can be used to compare, to an after accident photo, which can help the adjuster.
Aerial Photos will show you the lay of the land and structures to help your  evaluation more quickly.
Aerial Videogaphy and photography is the best way to display the beauty of the landscaping,clubhouse and surrounding greens
Low level aerial photographs can let you show the customer an accurate design of a proposed layout of their property.
Use aerial photography to show your parks, utilize it to plan for zoning,planning , public relations, presentations and special events.
Show off your property, take before and after photos of additions or property improvements. Sed unique pictures of your landscaping on the internet to family and friends.
Use low level aerial photography to show entire structures and surrounding area in a unobstructive photo, unlike traditional photography from the ground.
Video tape land for inspection, have a permanent record. save manpower, be safety conscious thru aerial photos and video.
Aerial photography is an excellant way to record the progress of a project, from proposed property to final completion.
Attorneys can use aerial photography for a multitude of disputes.
Display an aerial view of your business in your office or reception area. Use it for advertisement.
Aerial photographs are spectacular in any media form. They make brochures, magazine ads, calenders, newspaper ads extremely effective.
Display all your watercraft in one photo, show your whole entire waterfront property, have video advertisements with your boats on the water , under power.
Have a unique photo for your clients!
This is a sampling of clientele, we are adding new everyday. call us for aerial video or photography needs, you will pleasantly surprised with the quote!